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NRECA Purchases New Software for Outage Reliability Solutions

“National Rural Electric Cooperative Association NRECA Purchase PwrMetrix for Outage Reliability Solutions




"In the past, it was an overwhelming task to compile, analyze and manage hundreds of thousands of outage data from hundreds of distribution co-ops. For example, it sometimes took several hours of processing, e-mailing and coordinating with just one co-op to finally come up with the SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI figures. Imagine doing this multiple times for hundreds of co-ops. However, with PwrMetrix, I was able to successfully complete the tasks that used to take hours in fewer than 10 minutes per co-op. Now, I call that a significant improvement. Soon we will implement the new NRECA-PwrMetrix online outage data acquisition system that will allow any co-op to upload their data for the RBG and BPS in any platform via the web."

--Tony Thomas ,

NRECA Principal Engineer

PwrMetrix key benefits

Significantly reduce the amount of labor time spent to analyze outages, compile advance analysis, prepare reports, set target metrics, and compare company to nationwide benchmarking results

Out-of-the Box value minimizes user training time, thereby significantly decreasing the cost of implementation

Improve interaction and communication with public utility commissions/regulators, news media, customers and utility personnel

Provide prompt and effective management decisions


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